Hello world!

So… I’m not normally very good at this blogging malarky. When my wife and I decided to start the long process of trying for a baby back in November I went looking for some information that fit my role – that of the non-biological lesbian mother and found very little. What information I did find was very US-based and whilst this isn’t a bad thing per se, the legalities and procedures are somewhat different.

I was looking for experiences however. How other women felt going through a process that would produce a child with no genetic link to themselves. How other women coped with being the non-carrying mother. How other women developed and maintained a connection to a child that they have neither carried nor is biologically related to them. This was what I struggled to find.

This was even before the practicalities of the process took over. Before the finding of the donor, contract drawing up, the trials of home insemination… before any of that had even begun.

I’m hoping that by charting my own feelings, emotions and experiences in our quest to have a baby, I will provide something that other non-bio lesbian mothers-to-be can relate to, and that this will be nice to look back on when I’m finally holding our child in my arms.


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